Lake Orta

Lake Orta, one of the most romantic lakes in Italy, is surrounded by lots of small, traditionally built villages with a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

The village of Orta San Giulio (which is among the most attractive towns in Italy) is built on the shores of the lake with that name. It faces the Island of San Giulio, with the Mater Ecclesiae monastery and the famous Basilica of San Giulio, the most important Romanesque monument in the region surrounding the town of Novara.

The little town of Legro, know as the ‘painted town’, is definitely worth visiting. It owes its name to the frescos painted by famous Italian and European artists who were asked to decorate the walls of the town's buildings.

The Holy Mountain of Orta, on the western coast of the lake and a world heritage site, is part of the nine Holy Mountains in the Pre-Alps of the Lombardy and Piedmont regions.

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