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Lake Maggiore

The Lake Maggiore area boasts a unique range of activities, capable of combining sports, culture, art and entertainment. Along the lake shoresthere are many fascinating towns, starting from Arona, Belgirate, Lesa and Meina, on the southern shore of the lake, only a few kilometres from Stresa. When you arrive in Arona, the “capital” of the territorial domains of the Borromeo family, you will be struck by the grandiosity of “San Carlone”, the imposing statue rising over 23 metres portraying the Cardinal San Carlo Borromeo, patron saint of the city.

From the small windows opening up from the statue’s robes you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Lake Maggiore.
Belgirate, Lesa and Meina are lined with Baroque villas and Italian flower gardens.
The Swiss part of the lake is equally attractive to tourists, with highlights like the famous Film Festival that takes part every year in Locarno and the jazz and music festivals in Ascona.

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